End of Xterra season 2010

Get a bicycle.  You will not regret it if you live.

~Mark Twain, “Taming the Bicycle”

My Xterra season has finally come to an end for 2010. What was a slow beginning closed with the greatest gift of all, an overall win in Eureka Springs. As one chapter in racing closes another opens wide up and consumes me. This will make my third year of mountain bike racing and as of last week I am racing Category 1. To race with these animals is an honor.

It was a three for three finale in my last few races and a surprising abrupt end for the season. My last three races were Xterra Red River, Xterra Eureka Springs and Xterra Dawg Days. I made it to the top three overall in all three races(first overall in Eureka) and managed to run the fastest splits of those three races as well. I also claimed my first regional championship, in my six years of racing Xterra I have never been a contender for this distinction.

Xterra Dawg Days

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Dorba OCNP XC Race #1

The important thing in life is not the victory but the contest; the essential thing is not to have won but to have fought well. – Baron Pierre De Coubertin

Certain things are hard to forget and other things just need to be forgotten. Last weekend I rolled up to the staring line at my first XC mountain bike race of the season. The race was at the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve which is a hop skip and a jump outside of downtown Dallas.

I had participated in this race last year and did not finish, I bent my front wheel in half on my second loop. I tried to finish after I bent the wheel back but it wobbled too much and I had six miles left to cover before completion, my first mountain bike race ended in failure.

When I was a child my father taught me how to ride a bike, I was scared and it was anything but a hallmark picture, tears fear and blood are the only things I remember. One never forgets how to ride a bike; one just learns how to ride it better and faster. Racing is the next training ground, there are no training wheels but plenty of learning is to be had in the trees. Continue reading

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