Johnson Branch 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race

It had been two years since I had completed a six hour mountain bike race. I certainly have had my attempts in those years however my mind would give up before my legs would.

I signed up for a DORBA six hour mountain bike race on a whim. A race where I would not put pressure on myself to race but just to complete the distance. What was there to prove ? Nothing really I just wanted to get it on and go for a long ride.

6 hour mountain bike nutrition plan

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2011 Xterra and Dorba XC series wrap up.

As the year ends and a new one begins I cannot help but wonder where did all the time go?  The memories are still fresh in my head but the time has passed once again. The Xterra season ended for me many months back and as much as I loved every moment of it I was ready for its end. Per my usual schedule that led me right into the Dorba Fall XC Series

The Xterra season went well I took the regional championship for my second year in a row with a perfect score.  An honor that is humbling and still beyond where I ever thought I would be within this sport. I had a few goals this season and hit most of them. I was looking to defend my win at Eureka Springs this year but it was simply not my day for racing and I ended up with 3rd overall.

out of T2 at Xterra Eureka Springs

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Xterra World Championship Oct 25 2009

The road to being a champion is paved with suffering and learning.

Joey G.

It had taken me four years to make it to the Xterra World Championship in Maui. Since my inception to Xterra racing it had always been a dream. Now that I have raced it I am left humbled, grateful and most of all happy.

My 2009 season had started off with a bang, to the head that is. I had a harsh accident while pre riding the course for Xterra Red River in Oklahoma. Suffering from a concussion I was debilitated for a week. I still raced two weeks later after the accident and continued a few weeks later in Louisiana for Xterra Ruston.  Racing with a limit was something new for me. My cardiologist and neurologist advised me to take it easy on the exercise and to listen to my body, when my body was saying no I had to stop. It was the complete opposite of how I wanted to race and train.

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Dorba OCNP XC Race #1

The important thing in life is not the victory but the contest; the essential thing is not to have won but to have fought well. – Baron Pierre De Coubertin

Certain things are hard to forget and other things just need to be forgotten. Last weekend I rolled up to the staring line at my first XC mountain bike race of the season. The race was at the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve which is a hop skip and a jump outside of downtown Dallas.

I had participated in this race last year and did not finish, I bent my front wheel in half on my second loop. I tried to finish after I bent the wheel back but it wobbled too much and I had six miles left to cover before completion, my first mountain bike race ended in failure.

When I was a child my father taught me how to ride a bike, I was scared and it was anything but a hallmark picture, tears fear and blood are the only things I remember. One never forgets how to ride a bike; one just learns how to ride it better and faster. Racing is the next training ground, there are no training wheels but plenty of learning is to be had in the trees. Continue reading

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