In the world of cycling there are a few things that are essential to riding comfort and performance. Those few things are the points that your body comes in direct contact with while cycling. Your hands your butt and your feet are the most aware and sensitive to the equipment you are using.

Today I will be reviewing the Sidi Terra off road triathlon specific racing shoe. One may ask why a shoe made especially for triathlon is necessary, if you have ever found yourself racing and had a buckle get stuck while in your bike to run  transition you need not ask. The Sidi Terra offers a few functions that the standard cycling shoe does not. Here are some of the features:

Large opening for quicker entry and exit of the shoe.

Looped heel straps to pull on for faster shoe entry.

Single strap design with no buckles for quick tightening and ease of use

Sidi the company was started in 1960 and holds an Iconic spot in the world of cycling. I was told by my earliest mentor Randy Wallace that Sidi shoes were the only way to go. I never understood the quality  and fitment until I purchased my first pair. Sidi shoes are designed and produced entirely in Europe. Their shoes fit like an old pair of familiar loafers and are extremely comfortable as well as functional. Just as the woman in our lives have a passion for high end Italian footwear the same applies here for cyclist.

When Sidi released their first off road specific triathlon shoe I was thrilled. They are still the only manufacturer that produces an off road specific triathlon shoe. I think it is safe to assume the name stems from Xterra Racing.  The Sidi Terra is offered only in White. The sole is the standard non carbon sole that Sidi is known for which is stiff and durable. The Terra has a soft seamless feeling interior which feels great when riding sockless.

The Sidi Terra has a large single loop on the back of the heel to pull the shoes quickly on when transitioning from the swim to the cycling leg. The opposing single strap design allows the athlete to mount the shoes while cycling out of transition instead of losing valuable time putting shoes on in transition.

The Sidi Terra vents well and has as little material as possible making it a perfect summer shoe for training and racing. I train without socks in the summer due to the interior comfort of these shoes. These shoes have been through two seasons of racing and have seen over two thousand miles of brutal conditions. One thing I never have to worry about are my Sidi’s.  Give them a try you will never put on another brand of shoe.  I will be reviewing the Sidi Dragon 2 Carbon SRS soon.

Happy Riding,

Joey G.



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  1. hmm,, i wonder if these could work as a good walking shoe.. just as comfortable as loafers.. 🙂 these shoes are HOT!


    great review bro.. although I rather see you give the review in video.. it’ll be much more interesting than reading..

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