The Half Marathon

The half Marathon

November 4, 2007

Too tired, I was 90 miles deep on a century ride with Mark yesterday spinning our way back home and realized my legs were shot. Last weekend Mark and I with some other friends participated in a half Ironman in Montgomery, still sauced from that race, the century ride went on painfully. Blown up, wasted, gone whatever you call it we could still feel the burn from last weekends harsh racing conditions, this weekend led me into another race, the half marathon. Ready or not I was going to run, although my legs do fatigue, my passion for running does not.

It had been too long since the last visit to Little Caesar’s perhaps it was a year or maybe longer I can’t recall. The madness of going without the “crazy sauce” was in fact making me go crazy. A tradition that had started back in 2006, every hard race deserves a nice reward and for me and Payne it was “pizza pizza”. What should have been consumed last weekend was a dream deferred, the insanity had gone on long enough, after getting cleaned up from the ride and taking a short nap, I had arrived to the gates of heaven. There it was on the corner of Beltline and Coit road, Little Caesar’s.

One pepperoni pizza with a side of crazy sauce, proof that God exists, the whole moment consumed me and before I had arrived to my apartment, half of the pie was gone. With the sunroof down and Tom Petty on the radio it was truly heaven on earth.

Stretch those legs, something I never do, extremely tight and very sore I stretched as much as I could to get the legs loose for the race. I consumed the rest of the pizza, drank a liter of mineral water, and then had a punch bowl sized cereal dinner.

Race morning I showered shaved my legs extra close applied lotion to get them super girly soft and then proceeded to watch the infamous training scene from the original Rocky, I find the running scene the most inspiring, and the one handed pushups are pretty motivational as well.

It was a typical race venue hundreds and hundreds of people, me and about five other were shirtless (I will never understand why there are not more) I stretched hit the toilet one last time and then made my way to the start. I was happy to be here blasted legs or not I love the local Dallas running scene, I recognize all the regulars, the same people you see at The Trot, Too Hot to handle, and Tour Des Flours etc. No national anthem and before you knew it the gun had gone off.

The question I was already dealing with was how fast, how fast I wanted to go out in the first mile. This was not some 10K race that was going to be over in forty minutes. This was a torture test of one and a half hours, with tapped legs this was not the time start dealing with your ego, oh hell with it, let’s start running hard!

The splits

Mile 1. 6:06/mile

Mile 2 6:14/mile

Mile 3 6:17/mile

Mile 4 6:26/mile

Mile 5 6:22/mile

Mile 6 6:41/mile

Mile 7 6:26/mile

Mile 8 6:41/mile

Mile 9 6:46/mile

Mile 10 6:35/mile

Mile 11 6:37/mile

Mile 12 6:43/mile

Mile 13 6:24/mile

Mile .01 40 seconds

13.1 miles total 1:25:026:29/mile pace

The first 5 miles went off flawlessly pushing a hard pace and feeling no pain, no cramps, no nutrition issues, just solid running. Mile 6 hit me with the hill repeats and the wind in my sails started to drop off, a right side stitch cramp began to emerge. Mile 7 hit the Gatorade and I let it rip on the downhill’s I started to come back. Miles 8 and 9 the hills in the neighborhoods kept coming one after the other, my pace was dropping hard.

At miles 10 and 11 we had hit the flats and I was glad we were out of the hood, time to make up for the slack. I had realized now that as the road started to even out and flatten so had my energy, my stomach started to concave and I knew then the sugar from this morning’s breakfast was gone, the water and the Gatorade simply were not enough. An angel appeared on the side of the lake, the hand of God placed a Nutter Butter in my own. The Nutter Butter was not just any food, it was super hero food that ultra runners ate, a food that Ryan Lauck introduced me to one a 50k training run. I grabbed one then I grabbed two, then a Gatorade.

With my cheeks full like a chipmunk I ran on down the lake giving shout outs and holla’s to all the great people that came here to cheer the runners on, without their enthusiastic support it would just be a training run, these people bring the energy into every participant and my heart goes out to all of them for being there, especially the little ones, it’s the energy of youth that gives my soul the fuel to kick in the afterburners in a race. A hi-five from a small child always gives me chills.

Mile 12 almost home let’s give them a show, I kicked in everything I had and shaved near twenty seconds off the last mile, at mile 13 fatigued and hurting I kicked in everything I had, it was glorious. It was over a race needed to prove to myself that Boston was one step closer from being a dream to a reality. A dream that has been two years in the making come December 9,I will see if I have what it takes to qualify, thanks for listening.

Joey G.



  1. Great performance, I’m proud of you 🙂 Can’t wait till we can run together again.

  2. Aw yeah!
    Those are awesome splits man, you’re right on target for a 3 hour marathon. Hope you still have some gas in the tank for this weekend at rockledge

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