The Lynskey Pro 29er Rasta Build.

I don’t just build bikes I create masterpieces.


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Getting OLDER.

It was a warm sunny Sunday morning in Dallas. A work day before meant the weekend was to be short and sweet. A six day work week made a honey-do list one that was not necessarily welcomed.  As I put off doing the dishes, laundry and all other things not fun I directed my attention to the lawn. As I pulled the cord to power the lawnmower I could not help but think: at what point does doing something as simple as mowing the lawn become enjoyable? To further that when did an act of labor become an act of love and when the hell did I start turning into my parents?

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Johnson Branch 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race

It had been two years since I had completed a six hour mountain bike race. I certainly have had my attempts in those years however my mind would give up before my legs would.

I signed up for a DORBA six hour mountain bike race on a whim. A race where I would not put pressure on myself to race but just to complete the distance. What was there to prove ? Nothing really I just wanted to get it on and go for a long ride.

6 hour mountain bike nutrition plan

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2011 Xterra and Dorba XC series wrap up.

As the year ends and a new one begins I cannot help but wonder where did all the time go?  The memories are still fresh in my head but the time has passed once again. The Xterra season ended for me many months back and as much as I loved every moment of it I was ready for its end. Per my usual schedule that led me right into the Dorba Fall XC Series

The Xterra season went well I took the regional championship for my second year in a row with a perfect score.  An honor that is humbling and still beyond where I ever thought I would be within this sport. I had a few goals this season and hit most of them. I was looking to defend my win at Eureka Springs this year but it was simply not my day for racing and I ended up with 3rd overall.

out of T2 at Xterra Eureka Springs

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100 miles of Payne

100 miles of Payne

The century rides that made me fall in love with seeing the world on two wheels.

The trails are currently swimming in mud from the latest rains and the build of my latest road concoction has been finalized. The same great frame but now outfitted with Campagnolo Super Record 11. In a desperate flee to get in a century ride before the year-end I was reminded of the great summer of century rides today that my good friend Mark Payne and I shared a few seasons back.

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End of Xterra season 2010

Get a bicycle.  You will not regret it if you live.

~Mark Twain, “Taming the Bicycle”

My Xterra season has finally come to an end for 2010. What was a slow beginning closed with the greatest gift of all, an overall win in Eureka Springs. As one chapter in racing closes another opens wide up and consumes me. This will make my third year of mountain bike racing and as of last week I am racing Category 1. To race with these animals is an honor.

It was a three for three finale in my last few races and a surprising abrupt end for the season. My last three races were Xterra Red River, Xterra Eureka Springs and Xterra Dawg Days. I made it to the top three overall in all three races(first overall in Eureka) and managed to run the fastest splits of those three races as well. I also claimed my first regional championship, in my six years of racing Xterra I have never been a contender for this distinction.

Xterra Dawg Days

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Xterra Eureka Springs

“We could win one of these one day, train more train consistent and we could be as fast as these guys.”

Bill Driegert May 14, 2005 after completing our first Xterra race in Ruston La.

My first triathlon was on May 1, 2005 it was a sprint distance that set the tone for my love of racing. It was a road triathlon and the only thing I owned was a pair of goggles and running shoes. I borrowed Bill’s Litespeed Ultimate which was made for a man exceeding six feet in height. I am a short 5″8″ and  with a seat post that was lowered to the top tube I won my age group division in a race that had over 500 participants.

My only bike riding to that point was a handful of off road rides with Bill, I called Bill once I saw the results and told him what a blast it was he told me there was a race in Louisiana he was looking into, it was a triathlon but it was all off road, they called it Xterra. After our first race in Ruston Louisiana we have been back every year since.

This season thus far has been one of my best. I have raced six Xterra races this season and have one more race before the season is over. What keeps me coming back to Xterra racing is the learning curve even after six years of competing I am still learning something new every race.

Race numbers so far for the 2010 XTERRA season.

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